What Members Are Saying

Great new way to get cigars you may have never picked yourself. Fill out the information on what type of cigars that you like and they hand pick them for you. I can't think of a better way to get cigars and that is why I am a member of the club!!!!

Augie M.

Love the idea of someone handpicking my monthly subscription based on my flavor profile. I have NOT been disappointed so far. Awesome customer service (the best IMO), very personable with their members, and quick to answer any question you may have. Well worth the money.

Heath H.

Amazing service from an amazing company! I love that you can change your preferences whenever you want as your pallet changes. They send out a great selection of cigars from rare cigars to boutique cigars to top ten cigars of the year. I've given this as a gift and they've loved the service as well.

Jason A.

I've been a member of CigarClub.com for four months now and have been wow'd by their outstanding customer service and products. I find them to be exactly how they promote themselves. For instance, I prefer milder and shorter cigars to smoke. They have provided me monthly with cigars that meet my preferences, and they also each month have one cigar that is a bit of a stretch outside my preference, be it a bit less mild than I am used to or a different size/ring. It's been a great way to develop my interest gently into other types of cigars and brands. Thank you CigarClub team, you make an outstanding gift. Even if you're just a selfish b*stard like me and get it for yourself.

Brad T.