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The (Real) Reason Your Dad Wants Cigars this Father's Day

The (Real) Reason Your Dad Wants Cigars this Father's Day

What’s the Perfect Gift For Dad?

Most dads are hard to buy for. People don’t wear ties anymore. He doesn’t need a book because he’s finally figured out the Kindle you bought him three years ago. And golf balls aren’t going to make the water hazards any smaller.

So what can you get Dad that’s actually different? How about an excuse to kick back and hang out with you. How about a few hours of sitting in the shade and getting to know the guy who charmed and won over your Mom?

You don’t need a gift to make this happen, but if you want something to help, may we suggest picking up a few cigars. Because that’s what cigars do. We put two cigars in our Packs for a reason - so you can share with someone. Cigars connect people, and have been since the Mayans first rolled and toasted the gilded leaf.

Not sure what to talk about? Try questions like this: 

  • What do you wish you knew at my age?
  • What was your favorite band in high school? 
  • What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned from marriage?
  • Have you been in the CIA this whole time and kept it a secret from Mom and the rest of us, only pretending to be an accountant but actually taking daily flights to undisclosed Central American countries to overthrow their communist-leaning dictators?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you ever got? 


So get Dad a good conversation, and make it easy with Good Cigar Co. Grab a Pack for him to try or a monthly tour with a subscription. Find a porch, bring some whiskey, and light up with your old man.