Black Box 2019
Black Box 2019
Black Box 2019
Black Box 2019
Black Box 2019

Black Box 2019

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It's back. Our annual Black Box is here for 2019, and we have incredibly limited supply. The ultimate gift for those deserving few on your list, The Black Box 2019 includes three truly top-shelf cigars that are guaranteed to impress the aficionado or spoil the newcomer. 

For the past year and a half, we’ve been aging a few of our favorite, ultra premium cigars for this very moment. Each one of these cigars already uses aged tobacco in their blends - so consider these double aged. The Black Box is truly an experience. Selections include:

  • Opus X Lost City Double Robusto
  • AVO 22 30 Year Anniversary
  • 1880 12-18 Year Whisky Infused

We've also partnered with Oak Barn Beef - included in your purchase is a voucher for a pair of ultra-thick cut premium ribeyes, shipped to your door upon redemption.* The cattle for these cuts are raised by fifth-generation ranchers in Nebraska. Their meats are grass-fed, dry aged for 21 days and DNA tested to ensure best possible taste and quality. Each box includes a unique code redeemable at their website,

*Steaks will ship separately from the Black Box, starting January 6th, 2020.

More info on the cigars inside:

AVO 22 30 Year Anniversary

The Avo 22 30 year release is an Aficionado’s collector dream come true. Avo Uvezian’s personal blend, AVO 22, is a notoriously complex cigar. A blend of extremely well aged tobaccos from Ecuador and Dominican Republic make this cigar one of the most highly rated in AVO's rich history.

The beautiful oily Ecuadorian wrapper and its Dominican filler & Binder create a smooth medium body cigar with rich aroma, citrus, earthy and cedar notes. A one in a million smoking experience.

Opus X Lost City Double Robusto

The Opus X Lost City was made with rare tobaccos grown on Chateau de la Fuente during the off-season for crop production - tobaccos that have been aging for 5 years prior to production. Made with 100% Dominican-grown tobaccos, this Puro features dark Dominican wrappers and an eventful blend of Dominican long-fillers. The result is a bold, creamy smoke with robust flavors delivered in a mellow, and smooth fashion complemented by a deep, cedary aroma. Rare, no doubt. Pricey, but worth it. Special, absolutely. 

1880 12-18 Year Whisky Infused

Rolled at the esteemed El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami, this cigar boasts impeccable construction and is not your typical ‘infused’ cigar. It’s an all natural, unique smoking experience with notes of oak, caramel, white spice and aged tobacco. 

From 1880: Our proprietary method blends premium single malt scotch or Japanese single malt whisky, with each element of the cigar, the filler, binder and wrapper. The tobacco is aged and then hand rolled in the true Cuban style with a traditional triple cap."