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Small Ring Gauge Cigars [and coffee]

Small Ring Gauge Cigars [and coffee]

It's a common misconception that bigger cigars are stronger and more flavorful. However, if you were to smoke the same blend side by side - one in a 60 ring gauge and the other in a 48 - you'd notice a big difference. With the 48 ring gauge you get more flavor from the wrapper, making it a more amped up experience. 

Today I paired the 1925 Panetela from Rodriguez Cigars with some new coffee I ordered from our friends at Rivet Coffee.

The 1925 Panetela comes in a 6.5 x 38 and is wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut wrapper. It's rich and creamy with notes of cream, cocoa, light pepper and leather. Normally with a cigar this light, you wouldn't expect any kick or deep flavors - however, at this size, you get so much of this flavorful wrapper that it makes for quite the exciting stick. 

I challenge you all to give the smaller ring gauge cigars a try and see if you notice a difference. Here at, we try and introduce you to sizes you may not normally grab - ones that we thing taste the best in each brand we carry.

Until next time - smoke well family!