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Pairing Coffee and Cigars

Pairing Coffee and Cigars

For me, there is not a better pairing than coffee and cigars. Cuban coffee, espresso, pour overs - you name it, there is a pairing for any of these popular coffee preparations. 

Today we're exploring Cuban Coffee [using Rivet Coffee's Caravel Blend] and the Warped La Colmena Reina. Cuban Coffee is generally a darker roasted coffee, ground finely and mixed with sugar [known as a Colada]. I find the mild - medium La Colmena to be the perfect pairing. Its sweet, with hints of pepper and leather giving it enough body to cut through the dense coffee without over powering it. 

Here are some instructions on preparing cuban coffee [thanks to our friends at


  1. Add water to the moka pot. Fill the bottom chamber of the moka pot with enough water to reach the safety release valve.

  2. Add coffee to the filter. Spoon the ground coffee into the filter until they reach the top. Level them off with your finger but do not compress them.

  3. Attach the filter to the pot. Place the filter into the bottom chamber and screw the collection chamber onto until firmly secure.

  4. Heat the moka pot. Place the moka pot over medium heat. Do not heat the water up too fast because it will cause the coffee to brew too quickly and it will not be as robust as it should be.

  5. Fill the cups with sugar. Meanwhile, spoon 1 teaspoon of sugar into each espresso or demitasse cup.

  6. Boil the water. Allow the water to come to a boil. This will force the steam pressure to push the water up through the coffee grounds to collect as coffee in the top chamber.

  7. Mix the espuma (coffee and sugar). Remove the moka pot from the heat once the brewing process is complete. Place 1 teaspoon of coffee into 1 of the cups and stir vigorously into the sugar to create the espuma. It should be thick and slightly frothy. Repeat with the second cup.

  8. Add the remaining coffee. Pour the remaining coffee into the cups and serve immediately.